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Getting positive reviews makes all the work worth it

Even if the game isn’t breaking the bank, reviews like these really do make it worth it. 14px so far has been reviewed an amazing 2,845 times and averages at 4.20/5.

“Every time I play this game, an angel gets it’s wings.”

27th Feb 2014

“This game is an amazing platformer with optimal controls, I finally beat the game and I must say that the last level was a glorious throwback to the fans! The game is superior to any platformer on Android. I would recommend this amazing platformer to anyone who wants to get a little mad, and become a lot happier. The title says it all, this is the ultimate platformer. To the developer: great job on this absolutely amazing game, no issues on my older phone, and just saying, you’re evil for the last levels :D”

27th Feb 2014

“Very engaging. The controls are tight, the mechanics are engaging, and the level design is great. I would say this is one of the best if not THE best mobile games on the market”

11th Feb 2014

“Best of all plateformer playstore (in fact the only)! It was 2 years since I looked for a game of this type, super meat boy kind. What’s great about this game is that it has a unique physics engine and a magical music. To download immediately. In addition it has a life of at least 5-6am I think.”

9th Feb 2014

It’s also nice to get some negative ones every now and then.

“Copyright idiot! Mudak.Nahren do such complex levels”

26th Feb 2014

“I do not shit masam”

15th Feb 2014

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Corona SDK – Convert hex colour to RGB. Alfred v2 workflow.

There’s a popular mac app that I use countless times a day; Alfred. I love this app! In its simplest form, it is a great clipboard manager. It also offers system wide shortcuts and workflows.

The workflows are where you can automate certain tasks very easily. One task that I found annoying was copying a RGB colour from photoshop to use in corona, especially now that corona’s rgb values are 0-1 rather than 0-255. This is where the Alfred workflow comes in.

I found this great workflow that simply converts a hex code into a rgb, for example:



I edited the output format so that it would work with corona:


>0.773, 0.380, 0.294

The above allows you to simply paste the values in one go into a setFillColor(); for example.

You can download the modified Hex2RGB workflow here.

Credit goes to

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14px – One year later. How well did it do?

I launched 14px a year ago. This game was a game I really wanted to make. For me, it was a cross between the platformers I used to play on my NES and minecraft (everything seems to be a cross with minecraft these days). The concept was to make levels made of blocks, which would allow people to create contraptions and puzzles easily.

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Piano idea – iPhone memos come in handy

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First person drum solo

I recorded this on my new action cam. The camera is safely placed inside my own mouth, making breathing difficult.

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Code snippets – Github gist

I thought I’d start saving my most used code snippets on gist. There are often times where I’m starting a new project and I can’t certain functions or config files that I need to get started quickly. Gist is the answer!

justTheDrummer on gist

For example, this is a function to return an absolute angle in lua:

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New trailer for 14px

I recorded the gameplay using reflector for mac, which is a great tool to have!

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14px review by Corona Geek

I woke up today to see that 14px has been reviewed by the awesome Corona Geek. Well, that’s made my day!

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14px Gameplay

This is a gameplay video of 14px, my latest game.

This game was a huge project for me, in design, coding and music. It was a lot of fun and I believe I have made a game that will make people want to throw their phones across the room (in a good way).

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My Happy Place | Drums

This is just a silly video of me warming up. This was at the awesome 309 studios in Leeds.

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Just-the-drummer Skrillex Cover 2 from Rob Allison on Vimeo.

Drum Cover | Skrillex 2

I had to do another one of these. They are just so much fun.

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Just-The-Drummer. Skrillex Drum Cover from Rob Allison on Vimeo.

Drum Cover | Skrillex

Oh come on! Who doesn’t love a bit of Skrillex?! Seriously, his music is so much fun to drum to. It’s really easy to get creative and play something a bit more random on top of the crazy melodies and samples. Love it.

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Stay Alive featured on Attack of the Show

Possibly the most surreal thing that’s happened to me so far, my game Stay Alive was featured on Attack of the Show in the States! My finger is famous!!

This definitely made all the hard work worth it.

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Stay Alive v2 gameplay from Rob Allison on Vimeo.

Stay Alive v2 gameplay

I spent my spare time over the Christmas break working on the graphics and gameplay for Stay Alive. I actually rebuilt the entire game from scratch in a surprisingly short amount of time. That’s what I love about the Corona SDK. As I already knew exactly what the game did, how it played and how it looked, I could just get right into it and CODE!

Maybe I’ll do a new-new version next year.

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